Names in Customer Service Dashboard

1lstAgents=Data!$P$6:$P$11List of all unique Agents
2lstProducts=Data!$M$6:$M$11List of all unique Products
3lstRegions=Data!$N$6:$N$10List of all unique Regions
4lstCtypes=Data!$O$6:$O$9List of all unique Customer Types
5lstCallDates=INT(cs[Date Time])List of Call Dates - INT makes the time portion zero
6lstCharts=calcs!$J$2:$J$6List of all charts
7lstChosen=CHOOSE(calcs!$C$4, cs[Product],cs[Region], cs[Customer Type],cs[Agent ID])List of values chosen for comparison
8lstMaxCallDurations='sp1'!$C$4:$C$31Maximum call duration by day
9lstMinCallDurations='sp1'!$B$4:$B$31Minimum call duration by day
10lstWaysToCompare=Data!$M$5:$P$5List of ways to compare
11lstWaysToCompareV=calcs!$L$2:$L$5List of ways to compare (vertical)
12rngSel1=Dashboard!$B$18:$D$23Range of options to compare on left side in dashboard view
13rngSel2=Dashboard!$Q$18:$R$23Range of options to compare on right side in dashboard view
14selChart=CHOOSE(valChartToDisplay, calcs!$C$73:$H$81, calcs!$C$84:$H$92, calcs!$C$95:$H$103, calcs!$C$114:$H$122, calcs!$C$125:$H$133)Selected Chart - range has the chart - used in picture link / camera tool output
15selection1=calcs!$E$4Selected option #1
16selection2=calcs!$G$4Selected option #2
17valChartToDisplay=calcs!$H$4Which chart to display
18valHelpStatus=calcs!$O$3Whether to display help or not
19valOption1=calcs!$E$3Number of selected option #1
20valOption2=calcs!$G$3Number of selected option #2
21cs=Data!$B$6:$K$14837Table of all call data. Dynamic.
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